Wha...? HOW MANY questions in 4 hours?!!

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Holy Diapers! There's a lot of stuff in the PMP Exam this time around, and it only gets worse and worse, bigger and bigger each year.

Never fear, however, for OMGPMP! is here!

Yes, your own personal set of Online Miscellaneous Guides for the (aspiring) Program Management Professional is here, free of charge (donations welcome, though. We're not proud.) Check out (growing) list of memory tricks, reference charts, summary notes and advice from those who have survived the exam.

This is a modest start, of course, for we here at OMGPMP are a humble, simple folk whose true happiness lies in well defined scope requirements, tidy project schedules and the warmth of a really solid spend plan. Bring us your tired, your lost, your ambling project team and let us help you bring forth their true potential: a unified workforce against the thrall of lassitude and...

[Editor's note: Wow, yeah, so... we forgot the intern was an English lit grad, sorry. We've sent him out for coffee, should take him a while to order scones so... no worries. Just click on the tabs along the top to find the more useful content. ]