Advice when taking the test

PDF versionPDF versionNote: This is the list of general suggestions for taking the PMI 4th edition test. All bets are off after the test is updated....
  • For multi-paragraph questions, read the answers first - they usually indicate the context of the question (Are all of the answers about Quality? Risk? Scheduling?)
  • Scan to the bottom of the question, see what they are asking - that will help you weed through all of the extraneous/unnecessary data at the top of the question.
  • Use the "MARK" option - 200 questions seems like a lot. To keep from getting stuck/hung-up on one question, give them all your best answers. For those you aren't certain of, "MARK" the question and you can review it later (otherwise you may spend too much time on one question)
  • Use your breaks - stay hydrated, stretch often. Watch your posture. We know it sounds silly but if you get hunched over the screen during the test, part of your brain will be distracted by pain that may not register but take away from your vital brain cycles :)
  • Best estimates are 40% of the test is memorization, 7-10% is formula application - the rest is critical thought: reading the questions and applying (as opposed to regurgitating) your knowledge of the PMBOK.
  • Write everything down, even the simple math. Adrenaline may be high, this is no time for a silly mistake. Doing math in your head robs you of the chance to visually see what you are working out. Remember, your eyes are good at catching simple mistakes - use them.
  • For network diagramming questions, read the question before you dive into sketching/making the map - this will save you time and heartache. One of the more detailed diagrams simply asked how much float was on the critical path.... (Not a lot of diagramming needed there...)
  • If you are unsure of an answer, just MARK it for review later. Questions later in the test may give you hints or remind you of something that will help when you go back to review your MARKed answers.